AI-driven Advanced Smart Platform with proprietary AI Technologies enabling autonomous data acquisition and transmission in absolute safety and continuity with an operative range spanning several months

oceandrone® is the most advanced 100% sustainable USV/ASV with long-range and endurance capabilities for autonomous Surveying, Monitoring, Surveillance, Data Collection, Data Relaying, on vast and remote marine areas across multiple industrial applications

oceandrone® brings AI to applications across multiple fields to perform activities more safely and efficiently.Less personnel employed in exhausting roles and the ability to operate in extreme environments for long periods of time, result in reduced downtime with faster results cheaper.oceandrone® relays on 100% renewable energy.

SurveyingAutonomous Survey Activities
Inspection, Repair & MaintenanceAutonomous IRM
Patrolling and SurveillanceThreat Detection, Range & Coverage Extension
Ports and Oil TerminalsOil-Spill Surveillance and Monitoring
Fishing, Fisheries, AquacultureFish Stock Monitoring
ScienceNatural Environment Monitoring
Homeland SecurityPatrolling, Surveillance, Infrastructures Protection
ConnectivityData Hub



Autonomous Navigation


oceandrone® has secured funding from the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) in conjunction with Strathclyde University, Glasgow, U.K.

oceandrone® has been selected as one of 15 companies to participate in Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme.

Lidar Technology

Day, Night, Fog, RainIntruder DetectionFloating Debris DetectionPatented AI Obstacle Detection

Retractable Sail

Sustainable PropulsionLong Duration MissionsFully Autonomous Sailing

Autonomous Navigation

Mission PlanningWaypoint NavigationLarge Areas Coverage

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