Infrastucture protection

Oceandrone’s versatility and advanced capabilities position it to fulfil diverse roles, including the survey and monitoring of underwater cables for data and energy, ensuring the safety and security of underwater infrastructure.

Oceandrone is equipped with a modular Gondola located underneath the keel that accommodates suitably tailored payloads, as multibeam systems, Lidar, EO/IR cameras and others, enabling real-time underwater inspection and surveillance, overseeing both subsea and surface infrastructures, such as subsea cables, oil&gas pipelines and offshore platforms.

Oceandrone - Appplications - Infrastucture Protection

Operative scenarios

Oceandrone is going to be an invaluable asset, providing enhanced capabilities, flexibility, and efficiency to offshore operations:

Oceandrone is capable of conducting high-resolution seabed mapping and sub-bottom profiling, assisting in identifying optimal construction sites.

Once the underwater cable is operational, Oceandrone can continue to play a key role in monitoring and analyzing the status of the infrastructure. It can conduct routine inspections of pipelines/subsea cables structures and components both above and below the water surface, allowing for timely maintenance. This includes checking for any external damages, wear and tear, or anomalies in the equipment, enabling predictive maintenance and preventing potential failures.

Oceandrone can be deployed to patrol and secure critical infrastructures, monitoring maritime activities and ensuring the safety and security against potential threats such as terrorism, data espionage or unauthorized access before, during and after the construction.

Oceandrone's robust communication infrastructure, which includes terrestrial (UHF, 4G, 5G), satellite, and advanced underwater acoustic communication, enables it to serve as a communication hub between ground, air, sea, and submarine assets, facilitating an agile framework for the cooperative use of data sources.

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