Product Overview

Eco-robotic sailing craft that reduces operational costs.

Oceandrone is the result of our team’s decades of experience in underwater robotics, and the technical advancements made in America’s Cup racing sails.

As part of the energy supply chain, the Oceandrone team is committed to gearing its design, construction and working processes to support the global energy transition from fossil-based fuel to renewable energy sources.


The OCEANDRONE 13’ prototype has undergone extensive Validation & Endurance tests (TRL 7) to verify and validate its capabilities and features. This includes the AI navigation and control system, collision & avoidance, object identification & classification, payload integrability (Weather sensors, Sonar, Side Scan Sonar, Oil spill detector). These tests were conducted using both a remote control station beyond line of sight and a nearby radio transmitter.

Model comparison

Oceandrone 13’

Oceandrone 30’


4,2 m

9 m


1,5 m

2,4 m


350 kg

1.500 kg

Maximum speed

4,5 kn

7 kn


Stealth Operations

Oceandrone® can operate stealthily due to its patented “pocket keel” design wich include a retractable sail and no thermal and acoustic signatures.


Oceandrone® features a keel-mounted underwater “Gondola” that accommodates customized payloads, facilitating seamless mission adjustments at any location and time. Additionally, the control system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability.

Ability to Operate in Harsh Conditions

Thanks to its patented retractable wing sail solution and robust hull structure, Oceandrone® is engineered to operate in challenging and harsh weather conditions. The retractable sail can be safely stowed, allowing the vessel to navigate using its electric motor even in adverse environments.

Maintenance, Transportation & Deployment

Oceandrone® is propelled by wing sail and electric motor, offering greater reliability & performances compared to a combustion engine. Additionally, its design allows for easy transport and deployment from a standard 20- or 40-foot container, depending on the model.

Long Endurance

Oceandrone boasts extended operational periods thanks to its sail and solar panels, eliminating the need for refueling.

Artificial Intelligence System

Oceandrone® is driven by an Artificial Intelligence System, enabling real-time decision-making, object identification & classification and data analysis. This technology also powers a cutting-edge collision avoidance system, essential for autonomous operations in crowded and restricted areas.

Uncrewed Coordinated Fleet

Multiple Oceandrone can be data linked together and create a mesh network, allowing them to operate in coordination and exchange crucial data in real-time between them and the remote-control station.

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