Domain awareness

Oceandrone® utilizes advanced AI autonomous systems and versatile payload capabilities to collect, analyze, and process data persistantly from both above and below the water. Oceandrone® plays a pivotal role in real-time surveillance, countering smuggling activities & illegal immigration, enhancing persistent maritime border security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Recognised Maritime Picture

Oceandrone leads the charge in domain awareness, revolutionizing how we safeguard borders, critical assets, and maritime interests. Equipped with sensors and AI features, Oceandrone stands as a beacon of security, offering real-time surveillance, reconnaissance, and threat detection capabilities, ensuring a complete Recognized Maritime Picture (RPM) through continuous observation and compilation of pattern-of-life baselines.

Supremacy at sea

Combining reliability, extended endurance, zero acoustic & thermal footprint, stealth capabilities, and precision, Oceandrone forms an impenetrable defence against potential threats. Our mission is to redefine domain awareness standards and chart a safer course for naval operations.

Naval scenarios

Oceandrone is going to be an invaluable asset, providing enhanced capabilities, flexibility and efficiency to naval operations as:

Oceandrone can be used as a communication relay station to extend the range of aerial, naval, land and subsea networks, effectively enhancing connectivity and providing a reliable data link in areas where establishing a permanent communication infrastructure is challenging.

Oceandrone, equipped with tailored payloads, can conduct persistent surveillance and reconnaissance operations in both coastal and open ocean environments. It can gather real-time intelligence, monitor shipping lanes, and detect and track suspicious activities. Oceandrone uses its artificial intelligence to detect targets and coordinate with naval forces to ensure compliance with maritime laws, regulations, and international agreements.

Oceandrone can be used from surveillance and patrolling of fishing zones and EEZ, to detect and mitigate smuggling and illegal immigration, acting as a deterrent.

Oceandrone can be deployed to patrol and secure ports and harbours, monitoring maritime activities and ensuring the safety and security of critical infrastructure against potential threats.

Oceandrone can assist in SAR operations by patrolling distress areas and providing support to survivors. Equipped with life-saving equipment and first aid supplies, they can aid first response efforts.

Oceandrone can be used for training purposes, simulating various naval scenarios and tactics, allowing naval personnel to conduct realistic training exercises without the need for manned vessels.

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