Data collection

Oceandrone® improves oceanographic exploration with its modular payload, long endurance, AI-driven autonomous fleet option and cost-effectiveness. This comprehensive suite enables Oceandrone® to efficiently collect environmental data, conduct bathymetric surveys, and subsea monitoring activities over expansive areas.

Ocean mapping

Oceandrone is fitted with advanced sensors and instruments, allowing it to collect diverse oceanic data such as temperature, salinity, and turbidity. From mapping the seafloor to studying currents and marine life distribution, Oceandrone provides precise, high-resolution data with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Challenging environment

With its patented retractable wing sail solution and long-range reliable communications, Oceandrone can operate through extreme weather conditions, ensuring access to remote and inaccessible areas for data collection.

Oceandrone - Appplications - Data collection

Operative scenarios

Oceandrone is going to be an invaluable asset, providing enhanced capabilities, flexibility, and efficiency to oceanographic operations:

Oceandrone, with high payload capabilities, excels in oceanographic surveys, which involves: seabed mapping, sub-bottom profiling, wave height & period measurement. Oceandrone can enhance these missions by its ability to form an uncrewed coordinated fleet of USV through a reliable mesh network.

Equipped with sensors, cameras, and underwater acoustic equipment, Oceandrone can gather data on marine life behavior, including studying migration patterns, mating rituals, and population dynamics.

Oceandrone is particularly valuable in monitoring vulnerable ecosystems like coral reefs and kelp forests due to its sustainable and silent architecture.

With its diverse payload and real-time communications features, Oceandrone serve as a valuable educational tool, engaging students and the public in oceanography and marine science. Oceandrone provides interactive, hands-on learning experiences, fostering an understanding of marine ecosystems and the importance of ocean research.

Oceandrone serves as an indispensable tool for tracking changes in oceanic environments, offering vital insights into marine ecosystems and the impacts of climate change. With the ability to measure parameters such as water temperature, salinity, turbidity, oil spills and others providing researchers with crucial data to monitor ecosystem health and understand climate dynamics.

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